CPD Online FAQs

How do I access the Law Society’s CPD Online?

Browse through the CPD events and click the Book Online button on the relevant CPD Online seminar or go directly to the website.

How do I get started?

  • Create an account using a name such as jsmith or hjohnsmith with a password.
  • Select a seminar and proceed to purchase.
  • Complete the seminar and the assessment to receive your CPD certificate.

I’m a Law Society member and I have a login and password. Can I use this on the CPD Online portal?

No. You need to create an account for CPD Online that is separate to your Law Society membership login. Use your name (not your email) and create a password.

Is there a discount for Law Society members?

There is a flat price for all seminars and no membership discount, except for members with CPD Freedom.

I have purchased CPD Freedom as part of my Law Society membership. How do I access my discount on the CPD Online portal?

  • Start by creating an account so we can allocate the discount code to your account.
  • Email cpd@lawsocietywa.asn.au with your username and request the discount code.
  • We will apply the discount code to your account and reply with the discount to be used at the checkout.

I am a support staff member in a firm, how do I purchase seminars for multiple practitioners?

  • Before you can purchase a seminar, you have to create an account.  You need to create an account for each practitioner in your firm or they can create it themselves.
  • The account must be in the name of the lawyer so that CPD certificates are issued in the name of the practitioner.
  • You can use each practitioner’s account details to purchase the seminar on their behalf. This means they will have to share their password with you.

I am having problems paying for a seminar using my credit card.

Some credit cards are issued with additional internet security features called Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. This security functionality is in place for your protection and is not fraudulent in this instance. To finalise payment please enter the OSID or NABID code on your card as requested and then your transaction will be finalised. If you are still having trouble paying, please call (08) 9324 8600 during office hours for assistance.

What do I do if the video won’t play during my seminar?

If you can’t view the video, contact your IT provider, as it is likely affected by your internet settings or firewall.

The Law Society is on standby to assist you. Please call (08) 9324 8640 during office hours.  For after-hours support please call 0404 009 400.

CPD Online

Seminar FAQs

How do I register for a Seminar?

Please visit the CPD Section of the Law Society website, browse our selection of upcoming seminars and click the ‘Book Seminar’ button.

Alternatively please complete and return the CPD Registration Form.

Where do I go for the Seminar?

Our seminar room is on Level 5, 160 St Georges Tce, PERTH WA 6000. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the seminar start time.

What do I do with my QR code?

Your QR code will register your attendance for our seminars and also ensure you get allocated the correct CPD points.

Please bring your QR code either on your phone/tablet or printed.

I attended a seminar, but don't know how to access a record of my points?

To access a record of your CPD points you can log in to your Member Dashboard and view a breakdown of all CPD points you have obtained through the Law Society for that year.

Where can I access the papers from a Law Society seminar?

Please visit our Online Shop where you can browse our selection of seminar papers and order.

I have attended a seminar through a different provider; can I get CPD Points for that?

For queries relating to CPD points from different providers, please contact the Legal Practice Board on 6211 3600.

How many CPD points do I have?

To find out how many CPD points you have obtained through the Law Society, please log on to your Member Dashboard and click the CPD icon to download a breakdown of points.

The Law Society is on standby to assist you. Please call (08) 9324 8640 during office hours.

Webinar FAQs

How do I register for a webinar?

To register for a webinar simply find the seminar you are interested in on the Law Society’s website and click the ‘Book Webinar’ button.

Registrations for webinars close 1 hour before the start time.

Do I need to come to the Law Society for the Webinar?

No, the webinars are available for viewing at your desk, from your smartphone/tablet.

Can I watch a webinar at a later date/time than the one advertised?

No, our webinars are live streamed and are scheduled on a particular date and time.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is the software we use to conduct our webinars.

On the day of/the day before the webinar you will be emailed a link with simple instructions on how to join the webinar.

You do not need to download anything on your computer to view our webinars.

I have registered for the Webinar but I have not received a link via email?

Please check your junk/spam inbox’s.

Alternatively please contact a member of the CPD Team on 9324 8640 or cpd@lawsocietywa.asn.au

Can I watch the webinar with other people in my office?

Webinars are not available for group viewing.

Am I able to ask questions to the speakers during a webinar?

Yes, you can ask questions using the Q&A function on Zoom and a member of staff will relay your questions to the speakers.

The Law Society is on standby to assist you. Please call (08) 9324 8640 during office hours.

Law Mutual Risk Management FAQs

What is the cost of the seminars?

If you are a Law Mutual (WA) insured practitioner, you are entitled to attend free or subsidised risk management seminars to a total of two hours. If you attend any additional seminars in excess of the free or subsidised risk management two hours you will be required to pay the member, non-member rate, depending on the seminar you attend and your Law Society membership status.

Your firm may also be entitled to a Risk Management Discount on its Annual Contribution for insurance if sufficient numbers of its practitioners attend seminars.

Can I attend any seminar, regardless of my law firms category?

The seminars are targeted at priority risk management areas, firms and practitioners. Priority is given to the targeted practices, however, if the seminar is not fully booked by targeted practitioners, we may release places to other practitioners. Some seminars are only available to certain categories of practitioners. Please register your interest by email to cpd@lawsocietywa.asn.au.

How do I register to attend a Risk Management Seminar?

Please return your signed registration form to the Law Society. We need to confirm practitioners are registered for suitable seminars, as we are unable to facilitate this online. Registrations are manually entered.

I sent through my registration, do I get confirmation?

Yes, an automatic email confirmation will be sent to the email address we have on record once registration has been processed.

I am not insured with Law Mutual (WA)?

You will have to pay non-subsidised rates to attend Law Mutual (WA) seminars. However, at its sole discretion, Law Mutual (WA) may allow non-insured practitioners to attend at no charge or at a subsidised rate provided the seminar is not fully booked.

Law Mutual (WA) Insureds will be given priority enrolment in seminars.

Can a Law Society member who is not insured with Law Mutual attend Risk Management Seminars?

You can still attend the Risk Management seminars but you will have to pay non-subsidised rates. Law Mutual (WA) Insureds will be given priority enrolment in seminars.

When do I need to complete my training to qualify for the Risk Management Discount?

To qualify for the Risk Management Discount for the 2020/21 insurance year all pracititioner directors and at least 80% of the employed practitioners of the law practice must have attended at least two hours of Law Mutual (WA) approved risk management training in the period 1 March 2019 to 28 February 2020.

The Law Society is on standby to assist you. Please call (08) 9324 8640 during office hours.