About the Law Society

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


The Law Society has developed and adopted Delivering the Vision – 2018 Strategic Plan for 2014-2018. The plan reflects key stakeholders’ needs and expectations and provides a clear focus and direction for the future.

On 28 February 2017 the Law Society adopted Delivering the Vision: Strategic Direction 2017–2020, which commences 1 July 2017.

Our Purpose

To be the voice of the legal profession in Western Australia.

Our Vision

By 2018, we want to be the essential membership for the legal profession.

Purpose vision and strategic priorities of Law Society of Western Australia

Our Strategic Priorities

We will achieve our vision by focusing on three strategic priorities:

  • strong advocacy
  • high value services
  • organisational excellence

Strong Advocacy

As the voice of the legal profession, the Law Society proactively engages stakeholders on key issues and facilitates rational analysis to adopt sensible positions that are sought after by our members, the Law Council of Australia, Government and media representatives. The Law Society’s views are considered to be well researched, measured, reasonable and representative.

High Value Services

As a membership organisation, the Law Society stays in touch with members’ needs and responds with a range of valuable services and benefits, covering:

  • Information services
  • Education
  • Networking and social events
  • Mentoring services
  • Referral and support services
  • Member privileges
  • Professional indemnity insurance via Law Mutual (WA)

Organisational Excellence

We will live up to our well-respected reputation for being forward thinking and financially sustainable with effective systems. Our Council is regarded as providing strong, representative and collaborative leadership with priorities which are aligned across the organisation.




The Law Society’s history dates back to a meeting held in the Supreme Court Library on 15 June 1927, when Mr T.A.L. Davy moved “that an association of legal practitioners of Western Australia be formed”.

This motion was seconded by Mr M.G. Lavan. After a short discussion which Messrs Kott, Nicholson and others joined, the motion was put and carried unanimously.

Thus the Law Society of Western Australia was formed.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Law Society was held in the Supreme Court Library on Monday, 3 October 1927. There were 96 founding members.