This form only applies to legal practitioners who are required to notify of a change from their initial submitted Exemption Sub Regulation to a different Exemption Sub Regulation during the 2018/2019 year.

An example of when this is required:
If during the year a legal practitioner changes their employment as a government legal practitioner to an employed legal practitioner for a National Law Practice during the year. This will result in a change of Exemption Sub Regulation from 97(1)(d) to 97(1)(g).

For non-members of the Law Society of Western Australia an administration fee of $33 (inc GST) is payable for a change of Exemption Sub Regulation during the insurance year.

The $33 administration fee is payable when practitioners change their Exemption Sub Regulation to 97(1)(b), 97(1)(c), 97(1)(d), 97(1)(f) or 97(1)(g).

Law Society members and legal practitioners notifying of a change of exemption to Regulation 97(1)(e) Community Legal Centre, Legal Aid, Aboriginal Legal Service or 97(1)(h) Pro Bono will have this fee waived.

Please contact Law Mutual(WA) (08) 9481 3111 if you wish to confirm the sub regulation category of your current exemption.