2016/17 Annual Report

The Education Committee is the driving force behind the Law Society’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. Committee members generously share their expertise and networks to ensure that the Law Society’s CPD programme is relevant and engaging. The Co-Convenors are supported by a hardworking committee and Law Society staff. Through their work, the Law Society ensures that practitioners across the State may confidently look to the Law Society to meet their legal education and professional development needs. A comprehensive CPD programme connects the profession by drawing together speakers from the judiciary, the Bar, private law firms, in-house and government practice, and from academia. The high calibre of our presenters and session chairs, and the quality of our topics, ensure that the CPD Programme is tailored to meet practitioners’ professional development needs.

As ever, the Committee is grateful for the sustained level of support from delegates and speakers for the Law Society’s CPD Programme; including flagship seminars such as Law Summer School, Essentials of Advocacy, and the Practical Advocacy Weekend. In 2017 the Law Society partnered with the ECU Security Research Institute to develop and deliver bespoke training on cyber security issues identified by the local legal profession. This training will be delivered during the second half of 2017 and in 2018. Through the eLearning platform, this year the Law Society offered a record number of online seminars across all four competency areas ensuring that country, interstate and overseas practitioners receive the same rigorous and high quality training opportunities as their counterparts based in the Perth metropolitan area. In 2016/17 webinars were introduced to enhance the reach of the CPD programme. These have been integrated into seminars offered to legal practitioners and legal support staff. For the first time, webinars were also used to deliver training, such as to legal support staff enrolled in the Law Society’s The Essential Legal Assistant course. The Ethics on Friday speaker series also continues to be well subscribed. Seminars programmed in 2017 have included two dealing with mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion, and unconscious bias.

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