Francis Burt Law Education Programme and Old Court House Museum Advisory

2016/17 Annual Report

The Francis Burt Law Education Programme and Old Court House Law Museum Advisory Committee continued to oversee the activities of the Francis Burt Law Education Programme, including the Mock Trial Competition, and the Old Court House Law Museum.

In March 2017, 87 guests attended an event at the Old Court House to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the Old Court House, the 30th anniversary of the Francis Burt Law Education Programme and Mock Trial Competition and the launch of the last stage of the redesign of the Museum: From Past to Present.

During the year under review, more than 9,000 participants received the benefit of programmes and services provided by the Programme. The Cluedunnit Kids competition continued to grow in 2017 with 939 year 5/6 students from metropolitan and regional schools taking part. The winning team was from St Brigid’s School in Collie.

62 students and teachers took part in the 2017 Hypothetical event, the Young and the Reckless, and more than 100 people attended the 2016 Sir Ronald Wilson Lecture presented by Greg McIntyre SC.

Progress has been made in the development of a two-way learning resource for Aboriginal youth and Aboriginal communities: the Lore Law Project. Two days of training with the Indigenous Youth Leadership Team took place in December and the project team is currently working with youth at Sevenoaks College and Gosnells PCYC to create a pilot film on the consequences of fare evasion.

The winners of the 2016 Mock Trial Competition were the Chisholm Challengers from Chisholm Catholic College. The 2017 Competition saw a record number of participants again – over 1,300 students from 55 schools in 126 teams. The support and assistance of volunteers from the legal profession, who take on the role of either a team coach or a judge, is invaluable to the success of the Competition.

The number of visitors to the Old Court House Law Museum in the reporting period was 5,259. The install of the last stage of the redesign of the Museum was completed in March. The North-East Gallery permanent exhibition is entitled From Past to Present and provides an overview of how the law has evolved in Western Australia. Sub-themes include women and the law, children and the law and the imposition of European law on Aboriginal communities. Temporary exhibitions during the reporting period included Eliza Tracey: Soapbox Orator and Litigant and the History of the Law Society of Western Australia. The Museum’s Oral Histories Project focused on Women in the Law. Interviewees who have contributed include Kate George, the Hon Christine Wheeler AO and Karen Farley SC.

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