Murdoch Scholarship

The Murdoch University Most Outstanding Mock Trial Student Scholarship is awarded each year to a Year 12 student who has competed in the Mock Trial Competition.

The Law Society congratulates Nicholas Troy from Wesley College who has been awarded the 2017 Murdoch Scholarship for the Most Outstanding Mock Trial Student.

The Scholarship has been awarded at each year’s grand final to the following recipients:

  • 2017 – Nicholas Troy (Wesley College)
  • 2016 – Daniel Morey (Shenton College)
  • 2015 – Calum Moultrie (Lake Joondalup Baptist College)
  • 2014 – Sandra Paige Stevens (Lake Joondalup Baptist College)
  • 2013 – Zia Van Aswegen (Lake Joondalup Baptist College)
  • 2012 – Heather Costello (St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School)
  • 2011 – Hannah Bailey (St Stephen’s School – Carramar)
  • 2010 – Amy Ryan (Ocean Reef Senior High School)
  • 2009 – Amy Wakefield (Carine Senior High School)
  • 2008 – Daniel Harrop (Carine Senior High School)
  • 2007 – Annelise Nielsen (Presbyterian Ladies’ College)

Scholarship Outline

The Year 12 student adjudged to be the best performer of the Mock Trial Competition by a selection panel is invited to join a team that represents Murdoch University School of Law in one of the prestigious moot competitions as decided by Murdoch University  School of Law. This may include (amongst other competitions):

  • The Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot
  • International Maritime Law and Arbitration Moot
  • International ADR Competition
  • Kirby Contract Law Moot

Each of these competitions takes place either interstate or overseas.

The Scholarship offered by the University covers the recipient’s moot competition airfare and accommodation.  As a member of one of the Murdoch Law School mooting teams, the recipient will receive extensive training in legal advocacy and research in preparation for their participation in an international Moot.
The Candidate will need to adhere to the following conditions in order for the scholarship to apply:

  1. The recipient of the Scholarship must place Murdoch University Law first in their TISC preference selection and must subsequently enrol in Law at Murdoch University and cross the first census date (31 March) in that year.
  2. The recipient must make himself/herself available for intensive training over the summer period prior to the Moot Competition to be held, and is expected to participate in that training as a member of the Murdoch Team.
  3. The recipient must be 18 years of age, but if the recipient is under 18 years of age at the time of travel, his or her participation will be delayed until the following year.

Mock Trial Competition ‘Most Outstanding Student’ Selection System

Schools participating in the Mock Trial Competition are to identify and if applicable nominate no more than two students for the Most Outstanding Mock Trial Student Scholarship. In order to aid this process, a selection criteria as to how to assess the ‘Most Outstanding Mock Trial Student’ will be sent to each participating School.

One essential element of the award is participation; the student must be a participant (in any capacity) in each of the first three rounds of the Mock Trial Competition.

The nominees will prepare an opening address for a given case and present their address before a selection panel arranged by Murdoch University School of Law.

The student must possess a clear understanding of the Mock Trial Competition rules.

Selection Criteria

In the spirit of the competition, teamwork is paramount. The nominated student must therefore actively participate in the first three Mock Trial rounds, (this may be in any capacity). The student must possess a clear understanding of the Mock Trial rules.

Students may be assessed on their:

  • analytical and advocacy skills
  • research skills
  • ability to develop and present a persuasive argument
  • ability to effectively communicate

Scholarship Selection Date

Schools will be notified by email with the nomination form, details and date of the Murdoch Scholarship competition after completion of the first three rounds of the Mock Trial Competition.

Murdoch University