The many hats of In-house Counsel and Government Lawyers

This half-day professional development programme has been specifically designed to share ideas on ethics, business and team management skills for In-house Counsel and Government Lawyers. Topics covered include: • Offering business value and building profile In House Counsel bring unique value to organisations, but it can sometimes be hard for others to see. In this […]

The Duty of a Lawyer’s Confidentiality

This seminar is available in person or via webinar Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the lawyer-client relationship, but it is broader than just the lawyer-client relationship. This seminar will consider two extremes to better understand the principal of confidentiality. In the mid 70’s two American lawyers kept confidential the secret location of a body that […]

Ethics on Friday: Pointing the Finger

This seminar is available in person or via webinar When considering making an allegation of wrongdoing by another practitioner to the Legal Profession Complaints Committee, it is important to think carefully about balancing your ethical concerns with the potentially serious repercussions of making the allegation.  Allegations made without proper cause or unsubstantiated by evidence may […]

Ethics on Friday: Journalists and Legal Ethics

This seminar is also available as a webinar. When the journalists rush to you for a comment on your client’s matter you’ll be expected to respond quickly and professionally. This seminar will cover the ethical rules you should keep in mind when assisting your client, journalists and the public interest. The seminar will also cover: […]

Ethics on Friday: You Are Not Your Client’s Mouthpiece

This seminar will also be streamed as a webinar.  Clients want their lawyers to zealously represent them and usually have plenty of ideas as to how that might “best” be done. But lawyers are required not to be mere mouthpieces of their client and owe higher duties to the Court. That clash can lead to […]

Ethics on Friday: Social Media – Ethical Issues and Pitfalls for Lawyers

This seminar will also be streamed as a webinar. Social media offers significant benefits for lawyers.  However, these benefits present huge risks for lawyers and law firms if not managed properly.  This presentation aims to address ethical issues which may arise from the use of social media and strategies for mitigating those risks. Topics covered […]

Essentials of Advocacy and Negotiation 2019

Friday, 21 June 2019, 9.00am – 6.30pm Specifically designed for anyone seeking a refresher or for practitioners new to advocacy, this course provides essential information to advance legal knowledge and improve advocacy and negotiation. Hear from distinguished members of the legal profession on case presentation and theory, opening and closing statements, examination and cross examination […]

Quality Practice Standard Accreditation Workshop Two

Completed the QPS Accreditation Workshop 1? This elective workshop is for legal practices on the pathway towards QPS accreditation. It builds on the key learning gained in the first workshop, but offers you and your team further support and coaching. Level: General Cost  $230.00 – First and second participants $160.00 – Third and subsequent participants […]

Quality Practice Standard Accreditation Workshop One

The Law Society of Western Australia’s Quality Practice Standard (QPS) reflects excellence in legal practice management. It is a means by which firms and practices can enhance competitiveness, deepen client relationships, mitigate risk and ensure that accountability in service excellence is upheld. This workshop is the first step in the pathway towards QPS accreditation and […]