Risk Management for Family Lawyers

Recent profiling of Law Mutual (WA) claims has shown that there has been a gradual increase in claims in the area of family law.  This seminar provides an overview of the most common family law claims we have seen over recent policy years and provides practical insights into how you can identify the risks, and […]

Advanced ADR Technologies

ADR is no longer just “vanilla” facilitative mediation. ADR is a suite of sophisticated techniques to be deployed to maximise the effectiveness of the process in light of the particular circumstances of the dispute and the relationship between the parties. This seminar will consider: techniques and processes in arbitration to expedite resolution and avoiding unnecessary […]

Leading in Law Part 1 – Leading towards a culture of excellence

By design, great culture establishes a way of thinking and a way of being that is ultimately reflected in the behaviours and actions of the individual. That way of thinking is designed to ‘elevate’ each individual – to instil a greater sense of self-worth, confidence and resilience; and promote the growth of a professional human […]

Leading in Law Part 2 – Leading through persuasive influence

Welcome to the world of persuasive influence. A large part of your leadership skill and expertise comes down to your ability to influence others. Whether it is sharing the vision for a new project, planning your business direction, or defining culture and workplace behaviours; your capacity to influence and connect with people will determine how […]

Introduction to Practice and Matter Management Guidelines

Law Mutual (WA) has developed guidelines setting out the requirements for management of practices and matters with an emphasis on mitigating professional liability risks. Whether you are a sole practice or large law firm, this seminar focuses on the general characteristics and requirements for organising the practice, conducting critical activities and managing individual matters to […]

Introduction to Risk Management

This seminar is essential for practitioners who have been admitted for less than 12 months, are new to private practice after a period working in-house, or are returning to practice after an extended career break. Faced with a number of other adjustments at the beginning of their legal career or after an extended absence, new […]

eLearning: Jump start your digital marketing

Digital Marketing is an essential consideration when trying to establish a new business or grow an existing one. From the smallest of service providers through to the largest of practices, a considered strategy can be the difference between business growth and stagnation. The focus of the topic, “Jump-Start Your Digital Marketing,” is to provide you […]

QPS Accreditation Workshop 2

Completed the QPS Accreditation Workshop 1? This must-attend workshop is for legal practices on the pathway towards QPS accreditation. It builds on the key learning gained in the first workshop, but offers you and your team further support and coaching. The Law Society of Western Australia’s Quality Practice Standard (QPS) reflects excellence in legal practice […]

QPS Accreditation Workshop 1

The Law Society of Western Australia’s Quality Practice Standard (QPS) reflects excellence in legal practice management. It is a means by which firms and practices can enhance competitiveness, deepen client relationships, mitigate risk and ensure that accountability in service excellence is upheld. This workshop is the first step in the pathway towards QPS accreditation and […]

Mindfulness: the powerful weapon for dealing with distressed clients

Servicing individuals impacted by domestic violence, family disputes, criminal and other matters can be profoundly challenging, mentally and emotionally. Burnout resulting in the erosion of wellbeing, high performance, career longevity, and financial health can occur. First be aware of negative impacts of working with highly distressed clients. Second become skillful in controlling and managing stressful [...]