Non-linear legal careers

Significant shifts and consolidation in the legal profession mean that a degree in law longer leads to guaranteed careers in private practice. The traditional and linear path of articles or graduate entry employment in a law firm, and making partner, is no longer the definition of success in the law. Nor is that traditional path […]

Creating the Optimal General Counsel / Outside Counsel Relationship WEBINAR

As we approach the end of 2018, the size of in-house legal departments across Australia and around the rest of the world continues to grow unabated. But this this labour arbitrage approach to legal services can often result in an imbalance. A corporation is out-of-balance when its legal service needs are not aligned with the […]

Secure Data Erasure and Wireless Security WEBINAR

When it comes to exposure of personal data, people tend to imagine Vitamin D-deficient cybercriminals flogging bank details hacked from someone’s account. However, each day, people sell or disclose their most personal information for minimal economic gain. Dr Patryk Szewczyk will discuss a 5 year project based on purchasing and forensically examining second hand storage […]

Managing a Peak Performing Team: Motivate, Engage and Deliver Outstanding Results

Managing a Peak Performing Team is a highly interactive workshop which equips managers with a toolkit of practical strategies to motivate, engage and deliver outstanding results. Each manager will leave the session with a clear understanding of how to build and manage a peak performing team, and with a step-by-step plan of attack to maximise […]

Legal Project Management Essentials

Legal Project Management has become a global trend in enabling alternate fee arrangements, leveraging technology better and bringing greater efficiencies and effectiveness to legal matter management. Lawyers leading legal matters are effectively legal project managers, however the need to take a more formal project approach to law practice can enable better technology enablement, process improvement […]

Reaching Inwards and Outwards: connecting your way to wellbeing

Socrates knew a great deal of things and he wasn’t wrong when he stated that us humans need to get to ‘know thyself’. Connecting with ourselves first and foremost is crucial for mental wellbeing, as well as connecting with the people around us. Many people are completely disconnected from their self, and instead caught up […]

Risk Management for Family Lawyers

Recent profiling of Law Mutual (WA) claims has shown there has been a gradual increase in claims in the area of family law. This seminar provides an overview of the most common family law claims seen over recent policy years and provides practical insights into how you can identify the risks, and implement controls to […]

Leading in Law Part 1 – Leading towards a culture of excellence

By design, great culture establishes a way of thinking and a way of being that is ultimately reflected in the behaviours and actions of the individual. That way of thinking is designed to ‘elevate’ each individual – to instil a greater sense of self-worth, confidence and resilience; and promote the growth of a professional human […]

Leading in Law – Leading through persuasive influence

Welcome to the world of persuasive influence. A large part of your leadership skill and expertise comes down to your ability to influence others. Whether it is sharing the vision for a new project, planning your business direction, or defining culture and workplace behaviours; your capacity to influence and connect with people will determine how […]

You’re not my client; are you?

A claim against a legal practitioner by a person or entity with some connection with the person or entity that actually retained the practitioner is common. The risk of such a claim needs to be managed by the practitioner particularly when dealing with multiple persons, corporate bodies and through intermediaries. The risk is often exacerbated […]