Property Law Update

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. There are many new developments happening in property law at the moment, and it can be challenging to keep up to date. This seminar is designed to provide property law practitioners with recent updates on the law, including: The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (CTH) […]

The National Redress Scheme: how the law is impacting survivors

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance.  The event will explore the workings of the National Redress Scheme. It will also identify additional ways that people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse can receive justice, including through civil litigation and victims of crime payments. Perspectives will be provided by the Commonwealth […]

Quality Practice Standard Accreditation Workshop Two

Completed the QPS Accreditation Workshop 1? This elective workshop is for legal practices on the pathway towards QPS accreditation. It builds on the key learning gained in the first workshop, but offers you and your team further support and coaching. Level: General Cost  $230.00 – First and second participants $160.00 – Third and subsequent participants […]

Quality Practice Standard Accreditation Workshop One

The Law Society of Western Australia’s Quality Practice Standard (QPS) reflects excellence in legal practice management. It is a means by which firms and practices can enhance competitiveness, deepen client relationships, mitigate risk and ensure that accountability in service excellence is upheld. This workshop is the first step in the pathway towards QPS accreditation and […]

Using Technology to Get More Done

This seminar is available is available for in person or webinar attendance. Join us for a practical discussion on software and applications being used in law firms.  Hear from Principals on how they are using technology in their practice with realistic feedback on how it impacts productivity.  This session is not to be missed if […]

Surviving Long Hours and High Expectations

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. The modern practice of law is focused on profitability and client service, which creates high demands on time and sets continuous expectations on producing high quality work. The ramifications of long hours and high expectations can result in excessive stress, and an imbalance between work […]

Self-talk – managing your inner voice WEBINAR

It’s no secret that law is a demanding occupation and  many lawyers can be prone to self-criticism and worry.  In this webinar Clinical Psychologist Cameron Aggs (M/. Clin. Psych) will present a framework for self-talk that will focus on balancing out your propensities for worry and rumination with new skills in self-talk that promotes a […]

Cybersecurity – How to Make Your Practice Safer

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance.  A light-hearted look at the serious consequences of poor cybersecurity management and its potential impact on your pocket and your practising certificate. Carolyn Moss, a barrister from Francis Burt Chambers, examines recent cybercrime trends, how you can spot a cybercriminal and how you can make […]

Costs – Unravelling the Mystery

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. A Hands-on Masterclass of the Law of Costs and Billing Effective costs and billing practice is a fundamental component in legal practice and an essential skill for all lawyers. The Law Society’s Costs Committee presents this seminar with experienced costs specialists along with the Legal […]

Code Black – Dealing with Difficult People (5.30pm-6.30pm)

Please note this seminar is excluded from the CPD Freedom offering. For CPD Freedom members, to attend at $0 please register for the 4.00pm–5.00pm seminar on this same topic. This seminar is designed for anyone who has dealings with difficult people, whether internal or external, where there is potential for aggression, dispute or simply miscommunication. Code Black training assists […]