eLearning: Family and Business Trusts

Practical drafting and tax issues involved in family and business trusts addressing: best practices in drafting trust deeds and common errors drafting clauses for change in trustee or guardian or appointor caused by events in such as bankruptcy and family breakdowns discussion of Mercanti v Mercanti [2016] WASCA 206 are unit trusts still relevant? tax […]

The Limitation Act – a practical approach

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. With the introduction of the most recent Limitation Act in Western Australia, it is hoped that some of the complexities of this area of law have been simplified. This is not to say it is without its interesting issues and challenges. Hear from a panel […]

Property Law Update

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. There are many new developments happening in property law at the moment, and it can be challenging to keep up to date. This seminar is designed to provide property law practitioners with recent updates on the law, including: The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (CTH) […]

Key Developments in Class Actions

This seminar is available is available for in person or webinar attendance. The number of class actions brought around the world is growing, with no indication that this will slow down any time soon. This seminar will focus on key developments in this fast-developing area of law, including: addressing competing class actions; the use of […]

eLearning: Third Party Dispute Finance in the Resources Sector

This seminar looks at what modern dispute finance is and its application to the types of disputes likely to be encountered in the resources sector. It will cover the following 5 areas: What is third party funding Why does it matter What are the basic investment criteria Steps in the Funding Process Current Disputes trends […]

Modern Slavery: what it means for your clients

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. The Modern Slavery Acts passed by the Commonwealth and NSW parliaments in 2018 will require many Australian businesses to report annually on the steps they have taken to identify and eliminate the risk of “modern slavery” in their operations and supply chains. This session will […]

Chronic Embitterment and the Litigation Process WEBINAR

Is the stress of the compensation process contributing to a rise in secondary psychological claims and do workers lodge more work-related stress claims due to perceived injustices?  How do we define and manage stress disorders that don’t fit any psychiatric diagnoses?  This presentation explores, from both a legal and a practical perspective, the effects of […]

Independent Medical Opinions in Personal Injury Claims

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. Independent medical examinations (IME) are an important foundation for lawyers and insurers to properly understand, manage and resolve personal injury claims. A thorough understanding of the importance of IME and how to obtain the best value, is critical for any established or emerging personal injury solicitor […]

The Intersection of Family Law and Migration Law

What happens where one partner is in Australia on a spousal visa and the relationship breaks down? What about visas without family violence provisions? These are just some of the many situations when family law and migration law intersect. In these scenarios, it is imperative that legal professionals are able to consider a situation not […]

Freedom of Information and its Applicability to Litigators

This seminar is available for in person or webinar attendance. “Freedom of Information” is a term we often hear about but is not often discussed in much detail. In this session, the Acting Information Commissioner will discuss the rationale and application of freedom of information legislation including its applicability to litigators. This seminar is a […]