Artificial Intelligence (Webinar)

Thursday 23rd November, 2017 1:00 pm – Thursday 23rd November, 2017 2:00 pm
The Law Society of Western Australia
Level 5, 160 St Georges Terrace Perth

Legal technology is no longer just a means of increasing efficiency in performing standard legal tasks, but a future promise of enabling lawyers and firms to be more proactive with their clients and business.
In this seminar, learn:
•  How legal technology can shift a firm from a reactive to a proactive style
•  How the use of technology is shifting from increasing efficiency for higher margins to using artificial intelligence for proactive client service
•  How artificial intelligence can create greater integration with business and social enterprise
•  Practical examples of how lawyers can use artificial intelligence techniques to better meet the needs of their clients and the firm.

  • 1 points Competency 1 Practice Management


Sponsored by


Alain Musikanth (Chair)
Law Society of Western Australia

Professor Dan Hunter
Foundation Dean
Swinburne Law School in Victoria

Legal Trainee / Support Staff (Member)
Legal Trainee / Support Staff (Non-Member)
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