Becoming a skilled communicator

Thursday 31st March, 2016 9:00 am – Thursday 31st March, 2016 11:00 am
Law Society of Western Australia
Level 5, 160 St Georges Terrace Perth

Communication can be a minefield. How do we ensure we are connecting with our peers and clients in the most effective way? How do we ensure we are providing the right level of support and direction for our clients? How can we secure more business? How can we create a feeling of value for the client in the 6 minute billing unit?

Lawyers can have a tough job dealing with different personalities and communication styles. By becoming more self aware and aware of your clients communication preferences, you will be able to establish rapport faster, ask questions in a way that appeals to them, deliver better service and secure more business ensuring you meet your billable hour targets.

This highly interactive and practical workshop will uncover the differences in communication style that will allow you to:

  • diagnose the communication style of your clients by asking three simple questions
  • develop rapport faster with clients
  • modify your behaviour in simple ways to relate better to the clients style
  • communicate in the most effective way with each style creating better perceived value of service
  • discover how personality manifests in typical communication and behavioural patterns
  • become conversant with the four basic communication styles
  • discover your own communication style
  • recognise your natural strengths
  • identify areas of communication and situations you may find challenging
  • gain helpful hints and tips to overcome these challenges

With these essential skills you can work smarter, not harder to achieve better outcomes both personally and for your firm.

  • 2 points Competency 2 Professional Skills


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Jill McCrum BSc (Hons, Psychology)
JEM Training Pty Ltd

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