Change the Culture – Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment Workshop

The Law Society of Western Australia
Level 5, 160 St Georges Terrace Perth

Complimentary Training – Invited Guests Only

The Society is pleased to announce that Margie Tannock and John Poulsen have been contracted to provide our Changing Workplace Culture Workshop in Western Australia and have been trained as specialist facilitators through the Queensland Law Society. Both respected legal professionals, each will bring their experience of the profession to deliver training in an engaging one-and-a-half-hour format.

On being engaged to facilitate this training, both highly respected lawyers had this to say:

“I have long been committed to an inclusive, supportive work environment to encourage the best in the practice of law. Evidence shows us that, in the legal profession, sexual harassment has profound negative impacts on victims, bystanders and workplace culture. I am very pleased to be involved in this important initiative by the Law Society of WA, to deliver better integrity, transparency and accountability in identifying illegal and inappropriate behavior in law firms” Margie Tannock 

“One of the things I am passionate about is mental wellbeing in the workplace, which to me is all about creating an environment of trust and living values.  Sexual harassment in the workplace is the antithesis of this and one of the biggest contributors to a mentally unhealthy workplace.  I want to help to make a difference and providing training on sexual harassment to the legal profession is one way I can do that”  John Poulsen 

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the workshop participants will have the knowledge and understanding of substantive content dealing with:

  • what constitutes sexual harassment;
  • the statistics and surveys providing data on the incidence, reporting rates and the implications for individuals and the legal profession of sexual harassment;
  • how individual behaviours impact workplace culture;
  • the predominant traits and culture in legal workplaces that may act as catalysts for harassment and bullying behaviours;
  • the role of bystanders in changing culture and the practical application of using the 5Ds in responding as an Active Bystander;
  • the role of leadership in modelling positive behaviour in legal workplaces;
  • the importance of appropriate sexual harassment and bullying policies and training processes in legal workplaces;
  • the options and appropriate responses to manage an incident experienced or observed; and
  • the options available for further and ongoing support for those dealing with incidents of sexual harassment or bullying.

If you would like to participate in this free training, please book online at the above links. Places are limited, so please do so as soon as possible.

For general enquiries, please call the membership team on (08) 9324 8692 or email

  • 1.5 points Competency 1 Practice Management