Civil Liability update

Tuesday 5th September, 2017 5:30 pm – Tuesday 5th September, 2017 6:30 pm
The Law Society of Western Australia
Level 5, 160 St Georges Terrace PERTH

Civil Liability update provides an overview of parts of the Civil Liability Act 2002, including:

  • liability for harm caused by the fault of a person
  • liability relating to public function
  • good samaritans
  • apologies
  • proportionate liability

GiGi Visscher provides a focussed discussion on proportionate liability, including a review of:

  • the recent case law, such as,
    • Hunt & Hunt Lawyers  v Mitchell Morgan Nominees Pty Ltd [2013] HCA 10
    • Hart v JGC Accounting and Financial Services Pty Ltd [2015] WASCA 22
  • important differences regarding proportionate liability in similar legislation in other States
  • difficulties likely to be encountered by legal practitioners.
  • 1 points Competency 4 Substantive Law


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The Hon Justice Kenneth Martin (Chair)
Supreme Court of Western Australia

Gigi Visscher
Francis Burt Chambers

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