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The size of in-house legal departments across Australia and around the rest of the world continues to grow unabated. But this this labour arbitrage approach to legal services can often result in an imbalance. A corporation is out-of-balance when its legal service needs are not aligned with the skills and costs of its providers (both internal and external), resulting in corporations over-paying for legal services or underutilizing internal legal skills which then adversely affects the job satisfaction and engagement of those on the internal legal team. At the same time, outside legal providers are often given RFPS with open-ended questions about “innovation” or “value-adds” which neither themselves, nor the client, really know how to answer. It’s time for a new paradigm; a new relationship between client and supplier that benefits both fairly and equally. This webinar will discuss how to create a better, more productive and more satisfying client/supplier relationship.

Level : Intermediate

Author Profiles

Nathan Hepple - Chair

Author Profiles

Nathan Hepple - Chair

Mitchell E. Kowalski

Author Profiles

Mitchell E. Kowalski

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Thu, January 1, 1970 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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1 Points Professional Management

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