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Would you enter into an agreement with a builder to construct your house without a detailed plan of what it should look like? Would you make changes to the look without reflecting those
changes in the plans? If you would, then you are entering into a high risk arrangement and its likely it’ll cost you more than thought to not get what you wanted.

The situation is no different when a client instructs you to provide legal services. If there is not an agreed plan on what is wanted, how it will be delivered and at what cost, then you are
at significant risk of ending up with a dissatisfied client…and an increased likelihood of a claim against you.

This seminar provides some practical examples of where an inadequate plan (which we refer to as the client engagement agreement) at the beginning of an engagement or a failure to
change the plan as circumstances change has been the root cause of claims. It also looks at what should be included in a client engagement agreement, both to comply with your legal
obligations and to control engagement and service delivery risks. But the principle is simple – have a good plan and stick to it and the outcome will be a success from the point of view
of both you and your client.

Designed for all Insureds

Date & Time:

Fri, 2 February 2018 2.00pm - 4.00pm


Level 5, 160 St Georges Terrace Perth wa

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CPD Points:

2 Points Professional Management

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