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Recent claims experience indicates that a significant cause of errors and omissions in delivery of legal services is inadequate supervision of junior practitioners.

Delegation is essential in many firms to ensure the distribution of work amongst staff, to match complexity of the task with the skill of the lawyer and to lower the costs of service delivery. This maximises efficiency and profitability and enables junior practitioners to learn and improve their skills.

Effective supervision is fundamental to successful delegation and the overall success of the firm. Yet there is a significant variation in how partners and senior practitioners perceive their role in relation to supervision and a diverging view between how senior and junior practitioners perceive the effectiveness of supervision in firms.

Improvement of supervision and delegation skills brings a full range of benefits from minimizing risks and avoiding claims to maximising the profitability of the firm, improved service to the client, staff satisfaction and staff retention.

This seminar will focus on working with practitioners to discuss the principles of effective delegation and supervision, to share experiences and ideas and to outline the fundamentals of effective supervision and how these might be practically undertaken.

Designed for all Practitioners.

Date & Time:

Wed, 13 February 2019 9.00am - 11.00am


160 St Georges Terrace Perth wa

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CPD Points:

2 Points Professional Management

none Points Professional Responsibility

none Points Skills

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