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The High Court’s decision in Louth v Diprose that emotional dependence significantly contributed to special disadvantage was a significant development within the doctrine of unconscionable conduct. The decision in Louth established a template of sorts that found useful application in the later cases of Williams v Maalouf, Xu v Lin and Mackintosh v Johnson. Though they are few, these cases form a definable subset within the broader doctrine of unconscionable conduct that might broadly be termed ‘clouded judgment’ cases. This CPD presentation by a senior academic from the University of NSW will explore the development of the law of unconscionable conduct in matters relating to the broken-hearted.

Author Profiles

Associate Professor Dilan Thampapillai

Director of Education at the Centre for Social Impact, University of NSW

Author Profiles

Associate Professor Dilan Thampapillai

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Date & Time:
Tuesday, 14 February 2022
1.00pm – 2.00pm


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Delivered Live Online


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1.0 Point Competency 4: Substantive Law



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Date & Time:

Tue, 14 February 2023 1.00pm - 2.00pm


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