This form only applies to legal practitioners who are required to update their personal details and/or their employer details. It is not for a change of Exemption Sub Regulation. For a change of Exemption Sub Regulation please complete the Notification of Exemption 2018/19 – Change of Exemption Sub Regulation Only form.

Example of Personal Details Update:
A change of contact details.

Example of when an Employer Details update is required:
A legal practitioner originally submitted a Notification of Exemption under Exemption Regulation 97 (1)(c ) Inhouse. Later on the practitioner then moves to a new employer but still remains as an Inhouse legal practitioner. Therefore the employer details will need to be updated but the practitioner maintains the same Sub Regulation 97 (1)(c ) Inhouse exemption.

There is no administration fee for an update of personal or employer details.

Please contact Law Mutual(WA) (08) 9481 3111 if you wish to confirm the sub regulation category of your current exemption.