The Law Society acts as the voice of the legal profession in Western Australia. Part of this role includes advocating on behalf of members and in the interests of the wider profession.

The Law Society is proactive in its engagement with key stakeholders on important issues. Through its committee structure, Council and Executive, the Law Society facilitates rational analysis and adopts sensible policy positions. The Law Society’s views are articulated through the regular output of submissions to government and other organisations.

Our Council offers strong, representative and collaborative governance. Priorities are aligned across the organisation with resources allocated to areas of greatest need. Members are highly engaged through work on committees and working groups.

The Law Society Council and Executive meet regularly throughout the year. To coincide with its Annual General Meeting, the Law Society produces an annual report, which outlines the achievements of the past financial year.

The Council operates in accordance with the Council Bylaws and the Law Society’s Constitution.

Council Agendas and Minutes

The Law Society Council and Executive meet regularly throughout the year. Members can access minutes and agendas of Council and Executive meetings here. Please note that access to these documents is restricted to members.

Conflict of Interest

As the professional association for the Western Australian legal profession, the Law Society of Western Australia is required to maintain a high standard of professionalism and ethical conduct in its operations.

Accordingly, the Society has issued a set of guidelines which apply to the Society’s Council and Committee members. The purpose of these guidelines is to explain what conflicts of interest are, when they might arise and what should be done about them, in accordance with the Society’s ‘good practice’ approach to corporate governance. Please click here to view the Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Collection Notice

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