Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

The most efficient method of payment is via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) direct to Law Mutual (WA)’s bank account as funds are usually cleared within two business days. Please quote the respective invoice number on each EFT payment to Law Mutual (WA). Payment details are provided on every invoice generated by Law Mutual (WA).


Cheques need to be addressed to the Law Mutual Fund and be mailed to Law Mutual (WA). It can also be directly deposited into Law Mutual (WA)’s bank account over the counter at a branch of your banking institution. The funds are subject to clearance and this may take three to five business days.

Credit Card

To pay by credit card, the remittance advice section of each invoice will need to completed and sent back to Law Mutual (WA) for processing via an online credit card payment facility. Credit card payment instructions can be communicated to Law Mutual (WA) by phone, email or at its office.

Funds are not immediately available to Law Mutual (WA) until remitted by the credit card merchant. This process can take up to two to three business days. Credit card payments also attract a processing fee of 1.5% of the invoice amount which covers merchant charges.

Premium Funding

Premium funding is a facility that improves cash flow by providing a cost effective monthly instalment option to pay your professional indemnity insurance premium. Applications will need to be submitted to the premium funding provider and may take some weeks depending on the funder’s assessment process. Information and quotations on funding can be sought from the following two more common providers.

To request a premium funding application, to fund payment for your professional indemnity insurance premium, please email your request to wayne.ambler@marsh.com with your Law Mutual (WA) invoice.

Westpac Insurance Premium Finance

For general information on premium funding see Westpac Insurance Premium Finance. To request a competitive quote to fund payment of your professional indemnity insurance premium, please email your request to rindrisie@westpac.com.au along with your Law Mutual (WA) invoice.

Payment of Premiums

Law Mutual (WA) does not offer any instalment payment plans and cannot take cash payments. You will need to apply with a premium funding provider to fund your premium by instalments.

Regulations require law practices to pay their full annual contribution and administration levy by 15 May preceding the commencement of the Insurance Year (Regulations 83 and 88).

If this date falls on a weekend or public holiday, payment is due the next business day. Should payment not be made by 15 May of the relevant year, a 10% late lodgment fee will be imposed pursuant to Regulation 89(1) See Clause 6.8. The late lodgment fee will not apply provided any payment made by the 15 May is cleared within five (5) days thereafter.

We cannot receipt payments until the funds have cleared through our bank account. Once payments are fully receipted, a copy of the receipt will be emailed to the email address prescribed in the latest renewal application from the Law Practice.

The Legal Practice Board will be notified of compliance on the following business day after your payment is receipted.

Non Payment

Any law practice that does not pay its renewal invoice and late lodgment fees (if any) before 30 June for the next Insurance Year, will have its invoice withdrawn and cancelled effective as of 30 June and will have no insurance cover for the ensuing Insurance Year. Law Mutual (WA) may, at its absolute discretion, reinstate the invoice and accept a payment on or after 30 June.

In the unlikely situation where an existing law practice continues to practice into the next Insurance Year without having either applied for or paid for insurance then:

  1. until a Certificate is issued, the Law Practice will be practising in contravention of the Legal Profession Act 2008;
  2. The Law Practice, its Principals, Directors and its Employees will be uninsured, and
  3. The Law Practice may not be able to recover its professional fees.

Law Mutual (WA) is not obliged to offer cover for the following Insurance Year if the Law Practice has not paid any outstanding invoices by 15 March (Regulation 91).