The Law Society of Western Australia encourages equality in practice management. Law firms and practitioners have a responsibility to ensure equality is a reality at all levels within the legal profession.

In 2015, the Committee for Perth launched its report Filling the Pool: achieving gender equality is everyone’s responsibility. The research outlined in the report refers to a ‘perfect storm’ in Western Australia of complex business, personal and cultural factors that exacerbate the largest gender pay gap in the country and the least number of women in executive and board roles.

Many of the findings in the report are relatable to the legal profession. Indeed, many of these themes were echoed in Deidre Willmott’s speech at our 2015 Law Week Breakfast Launch.

Critically, the Filling the Pool report provides 31 interrelated recommendations – four for government, 18 for organisations and their leaders and nine for women. Many of the organisational recommendations align well with the work that the Law Society is doing in Western Australia, and as part of the Law Council of Australia in retaining women in and increasing their proportion as the leaders of the legal profession.