LawCare WA now includes a suite of dedicated support programs called ‘CoronaCare’ to help support you and your organisation through the uncertainty that we are all experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CoronaCare suite of services were created specifically for both organisations, and for individuals within organisations, to access and build in as part of their organisations’ coronavirus people support planning.

What is CoronaCare?

LawCare WA provider Converge has curated a series of aligned support approaches specifically targeted at individuals and teams who are working is a significantly disrupted environment, and who are increasingly working from home. There are three new individual support services:

  1. Converge Connect Service
  2. Isolation Support
  3. Wellbeing Risk Assessments

Converge Connect

Converge Connect is a newly created support service where trained professionals will proactively reach out and connect ‘one-to-one’ with a large number of your team members and ‘check -in’ on their wellbeing.

Download Converge Connect Service Flyer

Isolation Support

Isolation support is a brand new support service specifically developed to meet an unmet need arising from this COVID-19 pandemic. This service is peace of mind for employers wanting to ensure a thoughtful and scaled program of support is provided to their people, the people that may be keeping them awake at night.

The service is proactive and has inbuilt regular phone check-ins to selected staff or groups of staff for the duration of the pandemic, or for as long as you want to the service to continue.  The service ensures a skilled professional maintains connection with your staff members over time, and can assist them to access additional support such as EAP, financial planning assistance, career support, whenever it may be needed.

Download Isolation Support Flyer

Wellbeing Risk Assessments

Wellbeing Risk Assessments are for higher risk situations. They are particularly helpful for employees working in environments where there is an inherently high level of cumulative stress or unpredictability. It is suited for staff who are at risk of psychological injury including sustained trauma and PTSD.

Download Wellbeing Risk Assessments Flyer

See flyer comparing three individual supports

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