Country lawyers face a number of unique challenges in comparison to those who work in an urban environment. Western Australia is the largest state in the country, encompassing some of the most remote locations and greatest distances to travel to our capital city.

Issues of travel, accommodation costs, and isolation can make it more difficult to attend meetings in Perth and to Continuing Professional Development seminars. Despite the occasional difficulties, being a country lawyers can be extremely rewarding with many enjoying a strong bond with their local communities and close relationships with clients that may elude those working in city practices.

Country Practitioners Committee

The Law Society of Western Australia’s Country Practitioners Committee represents and engages with country lawyers on the issues most relevant to them.

It tackles issues such as recruitment and retention, the availability and effective use of video link technology and the particular effects of country life and practice, such as isolation, on practitioner mental health.

Rural, Regional and Remote Law

Rural, Regional and Remote Law is an initiative of the Law Council of Australia. It gives current and aspiring legal practitioners an insight into what life is like in rural, regional and remote Australia by breaking down myths and highlighting the exciting opportunities available across Australia.

It is funded by the Australian Government as part of a broader project on recruitment and retention of lawyers in rural, regional and remote areas undertaken by the National Association of Community Legal Centres Inc.