Increasing the proportion of women lawyers in positions of authority and retaining women in the profession are among the top priorities of the Law Society of Western Australia. This is reflected in the Law Society’s strategic campaigns, which include supporting lawyers through dealing with gender bias.

The Law Society has actioned a number of recommendations from the Women Lawyers of Western Australia’s 20th Anniversary Review of the 1994 Chief Justice’s Gender Bias Taskforce Report. Chapter two of the Review is focused on the career paths for women in the legal profession. It contained 18 recommendations directed towards the Law Society.

The Law Society actioned 12 of these recommendations immediately and convened a working group to develop initiatives for the remaining six, as well as to support the profession in meeting the recommendations made for it.

The Law Society has worked closely with the Law Council of Australia on a national action plan in response to its National Attrition and Retention Survey of the profession. The Law Society has also endorsed and adopted the Law Council’s Diversity and Equality Charter.

Joint Law Society/Women Lawyers of WA Committee

The Joint Law Society/Women Lawyers of WA Committee is a liaison group between Women Lawyers of Western Australia (Inc.) and the Law Society. Members include representatives from the Law Society’s Young Lawyers Committee, the Western Australian Bar Association’s Council and the Law Council of Australia’s Equalising Opportunities in the Law Committee, all of whom report on local and national issues pertaining to women in the law.


  • Closing the Gender Pay Gap Report
    The Male Champions of Change Pay Gap Report offers a number of useful tools for successfully uncovering and addressing aspects of the gender pay gap.
  • Final Directions Paper
    The Law Society of Western Australia’s response to the Women Lawyers of Western Australia’s 20th Anniversary Review of the 1994 Chief Justice’s Gender Bias Taskforce Review.
  • Women’s Report Card, Government of Western Australia
    The Women’s Report Card provides a snapshot of the lives of women in Western Australia. Containing nearly 90 indicators and more than 500 statistics, the report shows how far women have progressed in terms of leadership, economic independence, safety and justice, and health and wellbeing.