Make Sure Your CPD Points Count!

The CPD Points you accumulate with the Law Society of Western Australia are recorded as always… however… due to changes in mid 2021 it is a requirement that we report all accumulated points if applicable and attribute them to your Legal Practice Board PIN (Practitioner Identification Number).

Practitioners who require CPD to maintain their annual practising certificate need to provide the Law Society with their Practitioner Identification Number (PIN) issued by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia (LPBWA).

How to locate your LPB PIN

To find your PIN, you will need to login to the Legal Practice Board website using your LPBWA Username and Password. (If you do not have your username or password, use the Forgotten Username/Password options to obtain this information.)
Once you have logged in to the LPBWA portal, your PIN will be displayed next to the “Welcome” at the top right before your name (highlighted in image shown on this page).

The Legal Practice Board also advised most practitioners of their PIN on or around 9 March 2021 (via email).

Adding your LPB PIN to your Law Society Member Details

You can email your LPB PIN to the CPD team at or update it on the Law Society’s Member Portal by clicking on the “My Details” tab in the top left corner.

Note: Your Law Society membership number is not your LPB PIN. If you think you have provided the incorrect number to us, please email and provide us with the correct number.