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How to renew your membership

If you pay for your own membership:

You can renew your membership online. Alternatively, an invoice will be emailed to you, with options to pay by EFT, credit card or cheque.

If your membership is organised by your current employer:

An invoice for your renewal will be provided to them. You can log in to your member portal at any time to ensure your contact details and mailing preferences are up to date.

For assistance with your membership, contact Member Services on (08) 9324 8692 or email

Top 5 Member Benefits

1.  Free access to leading professional development seminars and webinars through CPD Freedom*
2. Free access to our Brief journal, Friday Facts, CPD News and other regular communications to receive the latest news relevant to the profession
3. Support and resources to assist the WA profession in the transition to Legal Profession Uniform Law
4. Cap your occupational liability through the Professional Standards Scheme
5. Over 30 specialist committees to become involved with

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply

Renew Your Essential Membership

Your Essential Membership Partner

The Law Society is your Essential membership partner and provides you with a range of professional and personal support not found elsewhere. It represents not only yours but also the community’s interests at local and national levels and continually delivers high value services.

The value and benefits of your membership:

Law Society Brief Journal, Friday Facts Bulletin and Quality CPD Programmes

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about your existing membership, talk to our membership services team today!