2018 Grand Final

On Thursday, 11 October 2018, the season’s top two teams, both hailing from Hale School, competed in the Grand Final in Court 1 of the Supreme Court in Stirling Gardens. The judge was the Chief Justice of Western Australia, the Honourable Peter Quinlan. The winning team was Hale Briefs, who achieved a narrow victory over their rivals and schoolmates, Hale Defenders, in a civil matter concerning the payment of wages to a young person working in a fast food restaurant.

1175 school students participated in 2018, and 196 trials were held. 687 students achieved accreditation towards their high school graduation through their participation. In all, 124 teams from 53 schools took part in the Competition. 83 volunteer lawyers acted as judges throughout the year, and 52 legal practitioners and law students coached the school students at participating schools.


Previous Grand Final Winners

2018 Hale School
2017 Chisholm Catholic College
2016 Chisholm Catholic College
2015 Hale School
2014 Mt Lawley Senior High School
2013 Mt Lawley Senior High School
2012 Presbyterian Ladies’ College
2011 Wesley College (Team Gold)
2010 St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
2009 St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
2008 Shenton College
2007 Christ Church Grammar School
2006 Mercedes College
2005 Methodist Ladies’ College
2004 Carmel School
2003 Methodist Ladies’ College

2002 St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
2001 Morley Senior High School
2000 Christ Church Grammar School
1999 Santa Maria College
1998 Guildford Grammar School
1997 Carmel School
1996 Frederick Irwin Anglican Community School (Mandurah)
1995 Perth College
1994 Wesley College
1993 Wesley College
1992 St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School
1991 Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
1990 Morley Senior High School
1989 Servite College
1988 Mercedes College
1987 Christ Church Grammar School