From 1 July 2016, the notification of a legal practitioner’s claim for exemption from Law Mutual (WA)’s compulsory Professional Indemnity Insurance arrangements is to be submitted to the Law Society of Western Australia. All notifications must be made through the form below.

Please note the following administration fees will apply to non-members:

  • $75 (inc GST) is payable for new exemptions and renewals*; and
  • $33 (inc GST) is payable for a change of exemption regulation during the insurance year.*

*Law Society members and legal practitioners notifying of an exemption under Regulation 97(1)(e) Community Legal Centre, Legal Aid, Aboriginal Legal Service or 97(1)(h) Pro Bono will have this fee waived.

(Note: Changes to personal or employer details only do not incur an administration fee)

For a change of exemption regulation:

The $33 administration fee is payable when practitioners change their exemption regulation to 97(1)(b), 97(1)(c), 97(1)(d), 97(1)(f) or 97(1)(g).