Brief – November 2018


Volume 45 | Number 10 | November 2018

  • 2019 Council Nominations
  • Good Mental Health as an Essential Component of the ‘Good Lawyer’
  • The Ipso Facto Reforms
  • Asked to be an Executor? What are the Income Tax Liabilities of an Executor/Legal Personal Representative?
  •  Trustees’ Rights of Indemnity – a Right of Retention?
  • How Will the Duties Amendment (Additional Duty for Foreign Persons) Act 2018 (WA) Affect Discretionary Trusts? When Will a Discretionary Trust be Considered a ‘Foreign Trust’?
  • In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Advantage of Being a ‘Generalist’
  • Evidence in Family Law Proceedings
  • The Adaptability of the  Common Law to Change
  •  Eulogy for the Honourable John Wickham QC

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