How often are Public Purposes Trust Fund grants available?

Grants can only be applied for only once per year.  Grants applications can be submitted requesting funds for an annual or triennial basis (3 years).  Applications are advertised in May/June each year and close in July of the same year.

Can I apply for more than one grant at a time?

For example –  one annual application and one triennial application?

Yes.  Applications may be made for both annual and triennial.  Applicants who unsuccessfully apply for triennial funding, will still be eligible to receive an annual grant.  Applicants applying for a triennial grant will need to advise whether they would like to be considered for an annual grant in the event their triennial grant application is unsuccessful.

What is the limit of the grant application?

There is no limit on the amount you can apply for.  Keep in mind however, that the annual allocation may vary each year and applications for grants generally exceed the amount that is available for distribution.

How can I apply for a grant?

Details on the how to apply for a grant are available in the Information for Applicants.

Each application is to be completed using the online format in full and where relevant to the proposed project/service. A copy of the supporting documentation must be attached for each application as detailed in the attachments section of the online form.

All enquiries should be directed to:

The Secretary
Public Purposes Trust Fund
The Law Society of Western Australia
PO Box Z5345
PERTH   WA   6831

or by


How is my grant application assessed?

Grant applications are assessed by an independent Allocations Committee.  Applications are assessed in terms of meeting one or more of the objectives of the trust, the purpose of the project/program and the outcome for the community.  These are explained further in the Information for Applicants.  Recommendations for approval or disapproval are submitted to the Attorney General for consideration.

Can I appeal the decision on a disapproved grant application?

No. The decision to approve or disapprove an application is final.

When will I know the outcome of my grant application?

Applicants are notified of the result of their application in January/February of the following year of application lodgment.

If I am approved, how do I receive my funds?

Applicants are required to invoice the Public Purposes Trust Fund no later than 31 July of the application year for any, and all, approved application funds (this includes both annual and triennial).  Invoices received after this date will not be paid by the Trust.  Payment is made in Australian dollars via Electronic Funds Transfer in the recipient’s nominated bank account or by cheque.

How do I spend my funds?

The grant may only be used to pay expenses incurred in the financial year, or each of the years in the case of a triennial application, and only the for purpose for which it has been granted.

When do I acquit my grant?

A report of actual expenditure versus budget is to be completed and provided within two months of the end of the funding year.  A statement of compliance to funding conditions must also be provided.

What happens if I don’t spend all the allocated funds during the approval year?

If funds have not been expended in the relevant year the remaining funds are to be returned with an annual report of expenditure and statement of compliance.

Can the funding period be extended beyond the 30 June deadline?

Yes, in exceptional circumstances.  An application needs to be submitted to the Allocations Committee prior to the 30 June of the funded year setting out the conditions why funds could not be utilised by the end of the allocated period.