Young Lawyers, Graduates and Students ‘Voice in the Profession’

‘Young lawyers’ are members who are under 35 years old and/or have less than five years of practice. Please see our Young Lawyers legal circles page for more information.

Providing social and networking events for young lawyers in Western Australia

Networking and collegiality opportunities through social and sporting events

Mentoring for young lawyers in Western Australia

Career support with a job register for graduates, mentoring scheme, CPD events, LawCare WA, Vacation Clerk Recruitment Dates.

Young Lawyers Advocating in our community

Advocating for access to justice and equity in the profession and our community

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Initiatives to improve the legal profession for young lawyers in Western Australia

Know Your Rights Guide Cover

Know Your Rights Guide: Law Graduates’ and Junior Legal Practitioners’ Pay and Working Conditions

The YLC’s Know Your Rights is an informative guide for law students, law graduates and junior lawyers to increase their awareness of applicable workplace rights and entitlements, to help empower them to take action if they are not being treated fairly in the workplace. »Read the Guide here.

Since early 2020, the YLC has been working on projects aimed at improving working conditions and employment practices in the legal profession. Unfortunately, the legal profession has not been immune from instances of underpayment and unfair employment practices, and sexual harassment remains a significant concern.

Of course, it is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe and fair workplace. This is why the YLC is also developing guidelines for law firms – watch this space!

Keep an eye on YLC social media pages where we will be promoting the guide with an information campaign. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Fair, Safe and Inclusive Legal Workplaces: Guidelines for the Employment of Law Clerks, Graduates and Lawyers

The Law Society of Western Australia, through its Young Lawyers Committee, has drafted these Guidelines with the aim of promoting fair access to employment in the legal profession and to support the health and wellbeing of legal practitioners and other employees engaged in the legal
profession. »Read the Guide here.

All legal workplaces are encouraged to strive to meet the standards recommended in these Guidelines. Doing so is to the benefit of both legal employers and their employees, and the legal profession as a whole.

YLC Law Student Mentoring Programme

The YLC Law Student Mentoring Programme pairs emerging practitioners with current law students to provide guidance and support to the transition from student to law graduate and then to lawyer.

The Programme runs from May to November, commencing with a launch event and will wrap up with an end of programme event for all participants, as well as various touch points throughout the course of the Programme.

For students: This is your opportunity to gain insight into the profession, invaluable advice, skills and support during your studies.

For current practitioners: As former law students, we all know the importance of guidance and a helping hand from an experienced mentor. This is your chance to share your experiences from your first few years of practice and develop your mentoring skills.

To participate you must be a current member of the Law Society.

The 2022 Law Student Mentoring Programme is now in progress. Applications for the 2023 Programme will be open early next year. If you are interested in participating as a student mentee or as a currently practising mentor in the 2023 Programme, please email

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Young Lawyer CPD Programme


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Initiatives to improves the legal profession for young lawyers in Western Australia

The Law Society recognises the importance of customised legal education for restricted practitioners.

Our newest February to March 2023 CPD Programme has just launched and includes a variety of seminars that are relevant to lawyers with less than 5 years’ post admission experience and/or under the age of 35

The programme offers a great range of speakers and topics with special pricing for young lawyer members.

Join the Committee

Membership of the Young Lawyers Committee is limited to members of the Law Society. To join the committee please complete an Expression of Interest Form or email


The Young Lawyers Committee has a number of sub-committees, which organise many of its initiatives.

& Events

The group focuses on bringing events to young lawyers that encourage networking and socialising across the profession. These activities also encourage young lawyers to build networks and friendships in order to work towards better mental health and a sense of belonging.

& Careers

The group contributes to the development and co-ordination of the YLC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.


The group focuses on advocating for early careers lawyers to improve the legal profession for the future through surveys and publishing guidelines such as the Know Your Rights Guide.


The group contributes to the development and publishing of communications on social media, YLC News and Brief to keep young lawyers informed on upcoming events and current initiatives the YLC are working on.

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