Brief Editorial

2015/16 Annual Report

Brief is the official journal of the Law Society and, as such, has to perform several different functions.

While the common thread to those functions is providing important information (of all types) to the legal profession, as the profession is a diverse one, Brief strives to ensure that its content for each monthly edition is not only of the highest quality, but also of interest to the profession at large.

The much-appreciated work by, and the diverse constitution of, the Brief Editorial Committee greatly assists in the achievement of these objectives.

The Committee meets monthly to discuss and make decisions upon the content of Brief new ideas for future editions, the sourcing of material, and attending to editing and other measures that seek to maintain the quality of the publication.

Outside of the monthly meetings, committee members devote significant time and effort to these tasks.

Happily, the Committee is a diverse one, in that it reflects a broad range of areas of practice, experience, age, interests, and positions on matters of grammar and style (style in this regard not being confined to written expression).

11 monthly editions of Brief were published in the past financial year, and contained articles and cover-themes covering a wide range of topics. While there were on occasion editions focusing on a particular area of the law, such as the family law and commercial arbitration editions, these editions still contained articles and items of broader interest.

The Committee thanks all those who submitted articles or items for consideration, and encourages anyone who is interested in doing so to submit material. While Brief does source material from other places, it primarily depends upon material from local members of the profession.

The Committee also thanks members, or former members, of the judiciary who have contributed material or whose speeches have been the basis for items in Brief.

Thanks are also extended to those who make regular monthly contributions to Brief such as by way of case notes, and also to Dean Alston for his regular Pam Sawyer Top Lawyer item.

It is important to note that the Committee’s functions are just one part of a much broader effort in producing Brief and that the more considerable work in collating and sourcing material, obtaining photographs, putting the journal together generally and attending to the visual content, layout and presentation are performed by staff at the Law Society.

In that regard the Committee thanks all the staff at the Law Society involved in the production of Brief whose organisation and support is invaluable. The Committee also thanks our proof-readers Sonia Chee, David Garnsworthy and Ann Kay, who generously donate their time, as well as former proof-reader Michael Hardy, who provided many years of service to Brief.

The Committee would like to record again their appreciation for the outstanding work of the previous Convenor/Editor Julian Sher and for long-standing Brief Editorial Committee stalwarts (and previous Editors) Ronald Bower and Rebecca Lee, and also former Committee members Dr Eric Heenan and Lorilee Yu, who have departed those positions in the past financial year.

For more information about this committee please email