Brief Editorial

Brief is the official journal of the Law Society and has been published since 1974. Brief keeps members informed about the Law Society’s activities and the latest developments in the Western Australian legal profession.

Six bi-monthly editions of Brief were published in the past financial year. Examples of notable articles featured in Brief over the year include:

  • Woman Lawyer of the Year: Interview with Kate Offer
  • Interview with Attorney General John Quigley MLA on the WA Pro Bono Model
  • Taxing Matters
  • Freedom of Information – from the Age of Enlightenment to the Digital Age, and Beyond
  • Interview with Judge Mara Barone
  • The Corruption and Crime Commission: its Beginnings, Purpose and Effectiveness
  • Special Feature: Commemoration of the District Court’s 50th Anniversary
  • Statements of Reasons: Issues of Legality and Best Practice

Brief has also in the last financial year provided items concerning the many judicial appointments and farewells.

The Committee thanks all those who submitted articles or items for consideration, and encourages anyone who is interested in doing so to submit material.

Thank you also to those who make regular contributions to Brief, such as Dean Alston for his cartoon, Craig Nicol and Keleigh Robinson with Family Law Case Notes and Gino Dal Pont for his ethics column.

For more information about this committee please email