Construction and Infrastructure

2018/19 Annual Report

The Law Society’s Construction and Infrastructure Committee was established in August 2015. The Committee’s meetings are held in conjunction with meetings of the Law Council of Australia’s Construction and Infrastructure WA Group. This Group is part of the Law Council’s Business Law Section’s longstanding Construction and Infrastructure Committee. The Committee meets bi-monthly.

There is considerable overlap of members of the Law Society’s Committee and members of the Law Council’s Committee.

Topics for discussion by the Committee have related to local as well as national issues relating to the construction industry.

The Committee’s activities for 2018/19 included the following:

  • Considering discussion papers provided by the Industry Advisory Group (IAG) appointed by the State Government to investigate and report on reform of security of payment legislation in the building and construction industry in WA, and participating, on behalf of the Society, in the ongoing IAG workshops;|
  • Preparing further written submissions from the Society to the IAG;
  • Considering the report of the IAG in relation to Security of Payment Laws in the building and construction industry in WA and the State Government’s response;
  • Considering the Murray Inquiry into security of payment laws in Australia and the State government’s response;
  • Considering new or proposed statutes relevant to, and decisions of State superior courts, the Federal Court and the High Court on cases of significance to, the construction industry;
  • Co-hosting a seminar for construction practitioners with Resolution Institute, the Society of Construction Law Australia and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in November 2018; and
  • Assisting the Law Society in its CPD programme in the area of construction law.

For more information about this committee please email General Manager, Advocacy – Mary Woodford,