2016/17 Annual Report

The Costs Committee’s primary function is to make recommendations to the Law Society’s Council in relation to reviews conducted by the statutory Legal Costs Committee (LCC).
In 2016/17, the Law Society made detailed submissions in relation to reviews of the scales of costs for solicitors’ costs, public notaries and non-contentious probate scales.

The Law Society made a submission in relation to the scales of costs applicable to work undertaken before Family Law Magistrates at 150 Terrace Road.

The Law Society also updated the Family Law Costs Kit to better ensure that members can comply with their obligations under the Legal Profession Act 2008 (WA).
Other matters considered by the Committee in 2016/2017 include:

  • continuing to monitor the costs charged for bailiff services in the Magistrates Court by Baycorp and associated levels of service;
  • whether a separate scale of costs for the Warden’s Court ought be implemented;
  • the processes and procedures in dealing with taxations in the Federal Court of Australia, which included meeting with the Registrars for that Court; and
  • costs law reform, and particularly alternatives to time billing and investigating costs budgeting.

The Committee was sad to see Allan Newton retire from the Committee. However, the Committee has been buoyed by the addition of Daniel Yazdani to the Committee. Welcome Daniel.

For more information about this committee please email General Manager, Advocacy – Mary Woodford,