Country Practitioners


Aims and objectives of the Country Practitioners Committee

The Country Practitioners Committee is representative of practitioners working in regional and remote Western Australia.

The current focus of the Committee has been on strategic planning and the best way to practically implement the goals set by the Committee. The Committee aims to ensure the Law Society is representing, engaging, connecting, supporting and advocating for all members of the profession in regional areas.

The Committee has compiled a list of practitioners in each regional area so that it can consider a more targeted approach to engagement. The Committee continues to engage with country practitioners and find ways to ensure that all areas of regional and remote Western Australia are represented.

The Committee continues to look at CPD providers that offer CPD in the regions to ensure that face-to-face CPD is available in the regions. The Committee also discusses ongoing issues facing regional areas through engagement, such as recruitment and retention of lawyers, the use of technology, networking and mental health initiatives. These issues are often brought to the Committee’s attention through other committees working on these individual issues.

The Committee also has representation on the Law Council of Australia’s Rural, Regional and Remote Lawyers Committee to engage in a national discussion on issues facing country practitioners and to ensure the Committee is informed of issues facing practitioners on a national platform.

For more information about this committee please email General Manager, Advocacy – Mary Woodford,