2016/17 Annual Report

The Courts Committee this year has assisted the Law Society with productive dealings with the Supreme Court, the District Court, the Attorney General, the Legal Practice Board, the Legal Costs Committee and the State Administrative Tribunal, amongst others:

  • to the Supreme Court, the Law Society made submissions in relation to mortgage repossession rules, the scope of the undertaking on subpoenas and electronic filing;
    with the District Court, there has been discussion about electronic filing and the mechanics of arranging for payment of reduced fees;
  • to the Attorney General, there have been representations in relation to the increases in court fees and reform of the Suitors’ Fund Act;
  • the Law Society has written to the Legal Practice Board in relation to unqualified persons doing legal work in the Liquor Commission and in relation to guidelines for use of ‘SC’ or ‘Special Counsel’ in a non-misleading way;
  • the Law Society responded to the Legal Costs Committee in relation to a costs scale for the Warden’s Court; and
  • the Law Society corresponded with State Administrative Tribunal in relation to delays caused by members of the Tribunal encountering conflicts.

In addition, the Committee helped settle the Law Society’s policy paper on People Unlawfully Engaging in Legal Work. Members of the Committee have also met with Baycorp to discuss appropriate standards of service for bailiffs.

For more information about this committee please email General Manager, Advocacy – Mary Woodford,