In-house/Government Lawyers

2015/16 Annual Report

The In-house/Government Lawyers Committee was established in 2012 to promote and support the specific needs of in-house and government lawyers.

The Committee is made up of members from Federal, State and Local Government, the private sector, Legal Aid, Director of Public Prosecutions, State Solicitor’s Office and not for-profits including universities.

Committee members have contributed articles on issues of specific concern to this sector of the profession for Brief journal e.g. Tips for Private Practitioners Engaging with In-house Counsel.

The Committee continues to contribute to the Law Society’s CPD programme with suggestions for seminars and participation in events which not only engage the in-house sector but also inform and educate the private profession on the particular challenges facing in-house practitioners.

A key focus this year has been building relationships with other organisations which represent particular sectors of the in-house profession.

The Committee continues its work of the last two years to improve the situation of restricted practitioners who are supervised by a nonprescribed agency under the Legal Profession Act 2008. The Committee continues to pursue solutions to the fact that such practitioners do not receive advance approval of proposed restricted practice arrangements in nonprescribed agencies.

The Convenor wishes to thank Mr Graeme Windsor for his support as Deputy Convenor from the Committees infancy until 2016 when he resigned as Deputy Convenor and welcome Elisabeth Edwards as the new Deputy Convenor.

For more information about this committee please email General Manager, Advocacy – Mary Woodford,