Quality Practice Standard

2016/17 Annual Report

The Quality Practice Standard Committee observed that many firms now claim 20 years of operations as accredited firms and congratulates those firms on this significant milestone.

The Committee contributed to the Law Society’s Education Committee for CPD seminars and assisted other CPD training events including a Legal Aid WA seminar on Best Practice File Management. The Committee facilitated the publication of an article on practice management.

The Committee worked with Law Mutual (WA) to review the Scheme and how it may integrate with Law Mutual (WA)’s goal of reducing risks for firms insured by Law Mutual (WA). The Committee continued to consider other means for risk management to be addressed in the Scheme and the means by which the Scheme could be more attractive to potential participants.

The Committee noted the Commonwealth Government’s concerns to increase the scope of the operation of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Finance Act and regulations to address perceived gaps in the legislation with particular reference to lawyers. The Committee contributed to Law Council of Australia’s work on the proposed legislation and how it could be incorporated with the numerous ways that the profession is already regulated.

The Committee agreed to a plan by the Law Society to integrate internally those areas where practice management risk is a common theme. The Committee looks forward to working with Law Mutual (WA) who will now coordinate both the Committee and the Professional Standards Scheme Committee.

The Committee submitted recommendations to the Law Society on the proposals of Law Mutual (WA) to vary the means and basis on which Law Mutual (WA) offers discounts for its premiums for compulsory professional indemnity insurance. The Committee will continue to monitor these changes to ensure that the Scheme attracts an appropriate discount to reflect the commitment to risk management and the integrity that external independent auditing delivers.

At the end of the financial year the Law Society’s Council proposed a strategic review of the Quality Practice Standard Scheme. The Committee responded to that review and assisted the review to document how the Scheme operated and the ways that it could improve to better integrate with other Law Society committees and remain attractive to law firms participating and considering participation.

For more information about this committee please email qps@lawsocietywa.asn.au