The Taxation Committee meets as a joint Committee of the Law Society of Western Australia and the Law Council of Australia. The Committee meets bi-monthly, but if needed monthly meetings take place.

Members of the Committee have been active presenting Continuing Professional Development seminars for the Law Society and the Committee continues to work with the Brief Committee in preparing regular columns on current taxation issues to further the education of readers and members of the Law Society. This initiative has been very successful. In addition, some refinements have been implemented to ensure a regular stream of articles for forthcoming issues of Brief.

The Committee members have been involved in serving on various Committees of the Law Society, the Law Council of Australia and various advisory Taxation Committees involving the Australian Taxation Office and other representative organisations. Future seminars are proposed on both State and Federal Revenue developments.

The Committee acknowledges the contribution of:

  • Grahame Young for keeping the Committee apprised of all State and Interstate Revenue Issues and developments at the State Revenue Office; and
  • Humphry Faas for keeping the Committee informed of recent developments in taxation being considered by the Taxation Committee of the Law Council of Australia (LCA).

Members of the Committee attended the LCA Taxation Committee’s Annual Workshop, where Committee Members Humphry Faas and Rob Sceales were panel members for the Small Business Tax Issues discussion.

For more information about this committee please email General Manager, Advocacy – Mary Woodford,