2017/18 Annual Report

The Taxation Committee sits as a joint Committee of the Law Society of Western Australia and the Law Council of Australia. The Committee is an active one meeting monthly at the offices of the Law Society.

A new initiative in 2018 is that members of the Tax Committee have been working with the editor and committee of Brief, the Journal of the Law Society of Western Australia, to write regular columns on current taxation issues to further the education of readers and members of the Law Society.

In 2018 the Committee welcomed new members to the Tax Committee. Their willingness to join the Committee and contribute at the meeting is commendable. The Committee is actively seeking new members and will consider any applications to join.

In 2017-2018 the Tax Committee made submissions on various State and Commonwealth taxation issues. This work involved considerable effort by members resulting in an improvement in the taxation laws.

Further refining of the procedural requirements of the Foreign Resident Capital Gains Withholding Tax that came into force on 1 July 2016 occurred.

The Committee members have been involved in serving on various Committees of the Law Society, the Law Council of Australia and various advisory Taxation Committees involving
the Australian Taxation Office and other representative organisations.

The Taxation Committee has continued to be represented on the Tax Round Table, a practitioner’s forum to assist practitioners’ access to the ATO.

Members of the Committee have been active presenting Continuing Legal Education Seminars for the Law Society.

Members of the Committee are engaged in providing seminars for providers such as Continuing Legal Education and various professional associations.

Members of the Taxation Committee published articles of interest to the legal profession in Brief and other journals.

Members of the Committee would like to thank Grahame Young for keeping the Committee updated on all State and Interstate Revenue Issues and developments at the State Revenue Office.

Members of the Committee would like to thank Humphrey Faas for keeping the Committee informed of recent developments in taxation raised by the Taxation Committee of the Law Council of Australia (LCA). Humphry presents a report at Committee meetings on the activities of the LCA in the development of taxation laws in Australia. Members of the Committee attended the LCA Taxation Committee’s Annual Workshop held on the Twin Waters Resort in Queensland. Many attendees find this Workshop very beneficial and attendance is encouraged.

I would like to thank all members of the Committee for their support during the year. The Committee had a very successful year.

For more information about this committee please email General Manager, Advocacy – Mary Woodford,