Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD seminars and Law Society events

CPD seminars and Law Society events


The Law Society is the leading provider of CPD for the legal profession in Western Australia. The CPD programme provides relevant and topical seminars developed with the profession for the profession.


Competency 1 – Practice Management
Competency 2 – Professional Skills
Competency 3 – Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Competency 4 – Substantive Law

CPD Active

CPD Active


With CPD Active, one flat price gives you access to an extensive range of seminars; you no longer have to struggle to reach your required CPD points total. Throughout the year, approximately 90% of all Law Society seminars are provided at no further cost. Excluded events are offered at a special discounted rate.

To add CPD Active to your membership, please email or call (08) 9324 8692.

For information on how to complete payment for CPD Active in instalments, please email

Add CPD Active to your membership for $800 (inc GST) and receive:

CPD Active
  • Unlimited face-to-face CPD seminar attendance *
  • $20 flat fee eLearning seminars
  • 10 free papers of your choice
  • 10% further discount on registration to Law Society events *
CPD Active

* Conditions apply. Please read below.

Terms, Conditions and Exclusions

CPD Active is only available to Ordinary Members of the Law Society of Western Australia. The Law Society of Western Australia reserves the right to exclude any CPD seminar or Law Society event from CPD Active at any time without further notice.

CPD Active members who are unable to attend seminars in which they have enrolled must advise the Law Society at the earliest opportunity. Please note that places are limited at some seminars and repeated non-attendance will be monitored.

Online seminars purchased under CPD Active will attract an administrative based fee of $20 per seminar.

CPD Active entitlements and benefits are only accessible in the current year of your CPD Active subscription. They cannot be retrospectively claimed in subsequent years, or once your Law Society membership has lapsed.

CPD Rules and Regulations

CPD Rules and Regulations


The Legal Practice Board is the regulator of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Western Australia and your first point of contact  for an CPD requirement queries.

The Legal Profession Act 2008, along with the Legal Profession Rules 2009 and the Legal Profession Regulations 2009, came into effect on 1 March 2009 and amendments are now in place 2015-2016 CPD year. For details of the amendments please read the notice from the Legal Practice Board.

Brief Overview of CPD Rules

The CPD year commences on 1 April and ends on 31 March the following year. In each year a minimum of 10 CPD points must be completed in order for a practitioner to renew their Practising Certificate. Each practitioner must complete 10 points from the following competency areas, with at least 1 point from each competency.

Competency Area 1:   Practice Management
Competency Area 2:   Professional Skills
Competency Area 3:   Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Competency Area 4:   Substantive Law

For more information please visit

eLearning Frequently Asked Questions

eLearning Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access the Law Society’s eLearning?

How do I get started?

  • Create an account using a name such as jsmith or hjohnsmith with a password.
  • Select a seminar and proceed to purchase.
  • Complete the seminar and the assessment to receive your CPD certificate.

I’m a Law Society member and I have a login and password. Can I use this on the eLearning portal?

No. You need to create an account for eLearning that is separate to your Law Society membership login. Use your name (not your email) and create a password.

Is there a discount for Law Society members?

There is a flat price for all seminars and no membership discount, except for members who are CPD Active.

I have purchased CPD Active as part of my Law Society membership. How do I access my discount on the eLearning portal?

  • Start by creating an account so we can allocate the discount code to your account.
  • Email with your username and request the discount code.
  • We will apply the discount code to your account and reply with the discount to be used at the checkout.

I am a support staff member in a firm, how do I purchase seminars for multiple practitioners?

  • Before you can purchase a seminar, you have to create an account.  You need to create an account for each practitioner in your firm or they can create it themselves.
  • The account must be in the name of the lawyer so that CPD certificates are issued in the name of the practitioner.
  • You can use each practitioner’s account details to purchase the seminar on their behalf. This means they will have to share their password with you.

I am having problems paying for a seminar using my credit card.

Some credit cards are issued with additional internet security features called Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. This security functionality is in place for your protection and is not fraudulent in this instance. To finalise payment please enter the OSID or NABID code on your card as requested and then your transaction will be finalised. If you are still having trouble paying, please call (08) 9324 8600 during office hours for assistance.

What do I do if the video won’t play during my seminar?

If you can’t view the video, contact your IT provider, as it is likely affected by your internet settings or firewall.

The Law Society is on standby to assist you. Please call (08) 9324 8600 during office hours.  For after-hours support please call 0404 009 400.

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