The Francis Burt Law Education Programme (the Programme) provides legal and civics education programmes and resources to promote the Western Australian community’s understanding of the law, legal principles and the court system.

Programmes and Resources Mapped to the WA Curriculum

Free Education Resources

Rule or Law? FBLEP Interactive Quizzes

FBLEP Year 3-10 Kahoot! Quizzes

FBLEP Year 3-10 Pre and Post-Visit Student and Teacher Resources

In 2021, the FBLEP ceased the provision of the its year 3-10 and year 11-12 Politics and Law pre and post-visit student and teacher online resources as the FBLEP is not resourced to be providing such comprehensive resources. Those resources were made available to the Political and Legal Educators’ Association of WA (PLEAWA) and the History Teachers’ Association of WA (HTAWA) to utilize for their own purposes, and make available to their members free of charge.

Scripted Mock Trials

Magistrates Court Trial: The Trial of James SMART: a scripted Magistrates Court criminal trial scenario.
Supreme Court or District Court Trial: The State of Western Australia v Goldie LOCKS: a scripted District Court criminal trial scenario.

Sir Ronald Wilson Lecture

Lecture papers

Lecture videos

Rule of Law

The Legal Studies page of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia website has numerous rule of law resources for teachers and students including:

  • What is the rule of law and why do we have it? Presentation: Nick Clark
  • The Rule of Law Lecture Series: The Hon. Kevin Lindgren AM QC
  • Video 1: What is the Rule of Law? (Including Western Australian worksheets and flashcards)
  • Video 2: Torts (Including Western Australian worksheets and flashcards)

The Role of the Three Arms of Government

Accountability of the Courts

Characteristics of an Effective Law

Human Rights

The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance has a number of resources which are useful for teaching purposes.

What To Do If Charged With a Criminal Offence