The Francis Burt Law Education Programme provides legal and civics education resources to promote the Western Australian community’s understanding of the law, legal principles and the court system.

Student Resources

Year 11 to 12 Resources

Western Australian Curriculum

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Other Resources

Court trial scenarios

Magistrates Court Trial: The Trial of James SMART: a scripted Magistrates Court criminal trial scenario.

Supreme Court or District Court Trial: The State of Western Australia v Goldie LOCKS: a scripted District Court criminal trial scenario.

Rule of Law

The Legal Studies page of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia website has numerous rule of law resources for teachers and students including:

  • What is the rule of law and why do we have it? Presentation: Nick Clark
  • The Rule of Law Lecture Series: The Hon. Kevin Lindgren AM QC
  • Video 1: What is the Rule of Law? (Including Western Australian worksheets and flashcards)
  • Video 2: Torts (Including Western Australian worksheets and flashcards)

Sir Ronald Wilson Lecture

Lecture papers

Lecture videos

Advanced legal education resources for the community

In addition, the Programme contributes legal and civics education resources to the Regional and Remote Schools Loan Box Programme.