Application Process

Law Access coordinates the assessment and referral of applications for pro bono assistance to members of the Western Australian legal profession. Applications are assessed on a merit and means basis (see eligibility criteria) in order to determine whether a matter is appropriate for referral.

Applicants must submit a formal application before Law Access can consider the case. The application must be signed in front of an authorised witness. If you have problems filling out the form by yourself you may be able to get help from your local parliamentary representative, a community worker or a friend or family member.

How to Apply

Not-For-Profits please read our not-for-profit eligibility criteria before completing our not-for-profit application form.

Individuals – before applying, please complete our pre-application checklist:

Question 1:  Have you tried to obtain legal assistance from Legal Aid or a Community Legal Centre?

If ‘yes’, go to Question 2.
If ‘no’, please try to obtain legal assistance from Legal Aid or from a Community Legal Centre as Law Access is a service of last resort.

Question 2:  Is your matter one that Law Access can help with?

Please check the list of considered and excluded matter types.

  • If your matter is listed as an ‘excluded matter’ type Law Access is unable to help you. Procedural information can be found on information for unrepresented litigants
  • If your matter is listed as a ‘considered matter’ and meets our eligibility criteria, please download the relevant application form

Application Forms

Please Note: While Law Access does its best to locate a legal practitioner to take on matters that are assessed as meritorious, there is no guarantee that any matter will be taken up on a pro bono basis.

Law Access Ltd does not, by referring a client or a matter to a particular legal practitioner, law firm or community legal centre, warrant the services of that practitioner, firm or centre.

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