Risk Management

It is well established that good risk management will lower claims costs, increase the quality of legal services and enhance the legal profession’s reputation.

In addition to the frequency and magnitude of claims and notifications in setting the premium for the Master Policy the underwriters of the Law Mutual (WA) insurance arrangements take into account the standard and quality of risk management training undertaken by practitioners.

Risk Management Seminars

Law Mutual (WA) offers a range of seminars for 2016/2017 insurance year that are focused on the needs of different categories of practitioners and Law Practices and various types of claims.

Please note that there is no requirement to attend a Law Mutual (WA) risk management seminar. However, your firm may be entitled to a discount on its Annual Contribution if you do.

View the Risk Management Programme 2017/18

View the Risk Management Presentations 2016/17

Risk Management Discount

Law Practices will be able to obtain a 5% discount (the Risk Management Discount) on their total Contribution Amount from the 2017/2018 insurance year onwards, if they have fulfilled the following requirements for the discount.

  1. All of the Partners or Practitioner Directors and at least 80% of the employed Practitioners of the Law Practice have attended at least two (2) hours of Law Mutual (WA) approved risk management training in the period 1st March 2016 to 28th February 2017 (for the 2017/2018 insurance year).
  2. The Law Practice declares in its Application for Insurance that it has met the training requirements above and is entitled to the Risk Management Discount.
  3. The Law Practice is able to produce, within 7 days of a written request by Law Mutual (WA), documentary proof that it has met the training requirements, such as certificates of the attendance of Practitioners at approved training.
  4. The Law Practice must agree that if such documentary proof is not produced to the satisfaction of Law Mutual (WA), the Law Practice will immediately repay to Law Mutual (WA) the equivalent of the Risk Management Discount it received together with the GST payable thereon. Further, the Law Practice will not again be entitled to a Risk Management Discount until it has completed two consecutive years of training requirements.

The approved training for the purpose of the Risk Management Discount is set out below:

  • Risk management seminars held by Law Mutual (WA)
  • Select CPD seminars held by the Law Society of Western Australia
  • External training courses or in-house training approved by Law Mutual (WA)

View for the Risk Management Training Approval Form for the purposes of the Law Mutual (WA) risk management discount.

Please contact Law Mutual (WA) for details of the approval process.

Please note that the 2015/2016 annual risk management seminar is not approved training

QPS Discount

Law Mutual (WA) also recognises the importance of implementing effective risk management systems by providing a discount to QPS accredited Law Practices.

More information

Other Risk Management services

In addition to its seminars, Law Mutual (WA) also provides risk management tools, and risk management advices and alerts to insured practitioners on this website that will be continued and expanded.

The website tools will be supplemented by a risk management advisory service for insured practitioners that will be launched later this year.


Risk and Control Map

The Risk and Control Map sets out the key professional liability risks facing law firms, along with measures for reducing them. It was introduced to Law Mutual (WA) members during the 2015 Risk Management Seminars.

Please note that the contents of the Risk and Control Map are a guide only. It does not purport to contain all the risks and controls that may be relevant to a practice. Practitioners should consider the particular circumstances of their practice when determining the risks and controls that are relevant to them. The Map may be updated from time to time by Law Mutual (WA).

The Map may display differently and have different functionality depending on the internet browser you use. If you are unable to download it, contact Law Mutual (WA) on (08) 9324 8623 and we will endeavour to email you a useable PDF.

Law Mutual (WA) carried out polling of practitioners during the 2015/2016 Risk Management seminars. We have now prepared an analysis based on the results of that polling and our claims history.

View the summary of the Professional Liability Risk Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Risk Management seminar?

How do I register for the Risk Management seminar?

Return your signed registration form to the Law Society. We need to confirm practitioners are registered for suitable seminars, as we are unable to facilitate this online. Registrations are manually entered.

I sent through my registration, do I get confirmation?

Yes, an automatic email confirmation will be sent to the email address we have on record once registration has been processed.

Why isn’t the Risk Management seminar free anymore?

From the 2016/2017 insurance year, the Risk Management seminars are no longer compulsory. If you are a Law Mutual (WA) insured, and are attending a seminar that is relevant to you, then you will either not be charged, or be charged at a subsidised rate, depending on which seminar you attend.

I am not located in Perth or in the metropolitan area, how can I access the Risk Management seminars?

At present, seminars are only available face-to-face in Perth. We are investigating the development of an online capability.

I am not insured with Law Mutual (WA)?

You will have to pay non-subsidised rates to attend Law Mutual (WA) seminars. However, at its sole discretion, Law Mutual (WA) may allow non-insured practitioners to attend at no charge or at a subsidised rate provided the seminar is not at capacity.

Law Mutual (WA) insureds will be given priority enrolment in seminars.

What if I am not a Law Society member?

You can still attend the Risk Management seminars but you will have to pay non-subsidised rates. Law Mutual (WA) insureds will be given priority enrolment in seminars.

How can I become a CPD Active member?

To add CPD Active to your membership, please email cpd@lawsocietywa.asn.au or call (08) 9324 8600.

What happened to the Risk Management seminars, they used to be compulsory?

From the 2016/2017 insurance year, the Risk Management seminars are not compulsory. The seminars are now targeted at priority risk management areas, firms and practitioners. If you are a Law Mutual (WA) insured, and are attending a seminar that is relevant to you, then you will either not be charged, or be charged at a subsidised rate, depending on which seminar you attend. Your firm may be entitled to a Risk Management discount on its Annual Contribution for insurance (premium) if sufficient numbers of its practitioners attend seminars.

Can we have the seminar presented in our office (in-house)?

Please email us to discuss your requirements. Law Mutual (WA) may be able to arrange in-house delivery of a seminar, depending on your number of practitioners and availability of presenters.

There is a charge for this service.

The Risk Management Discount

Please refer to the full details on the Law Mutual (WA) website.

My firm has more than 10 practitioners; can I attend a seminar designed for 6-9 practitioners?

This seminar is not targeted to you. However, if the seminar is not fully booked by targeted practitioners, we may release places to other practitioners. Please register your interest by email.

Where can I get more information about the Risk Management seminars?

For more information please contact the Law Society or phone (08) 9324 8600.