The Law Society of Western Australia’s past Presidents include some of Western Australia’s best legal minds. The list includes current and former judges, Chief Justices, a former Premier and Attorneys General, a Governor and managing partners.

Presidency of the Society has sometimes been the culmination of a long career but more often presaged later advancement.

A number of past Presidents have received honours including a knighthood or an Australian honour with two Companions (AC), four Orders (AO) and three Members (AM).

A number founded well-known law firms and others were distinguished solicitors. Since the WA Bar Association was founded, 58% have been barristers.

In the beginning it was common for a President to serve for two, sometimes three years. More recently, reflecting the onerous nature of the role, Presidents have tended to serve a one year term.

In all, the Society has been well served over 90 years by all those who have chosen to give their time and experience to the role of President.

Law Society of Western Australia Past Presidents