The Law Society provides resources and guidelines for the benefit of members and the wider legal profession.

Costs Kits

The Law Society of Western Australia has developed two cost kits to assist legal practices:

  • The Law Society of Western Australia Standard Costs Kit
  • The Law Society of Western Australia Family Law Costs Kit – in conjunction with the Family Law Practitioners Association, the Law Society has reviewed and adapted the Standard Kit for use in Family Law matters.

Both kits contain:

  • Offer by Law Practice to enter into Costs Agreement
  • Explanatory Notes for Clients
  • Explanatory Notes for Law Practices – Disclosure and Costs Agreements
  • Sample Engagement Letter

Members can access cost kits for free through our member’s dashboard.

Non-members may purchase cost kits through the Law Society Online Shop.

Committee Terms of Reference

Guidelines and Reports

Unbundling Guidelines (August 2017)

*To be read in conjunction with the Law Society’s Costs Kit

Useful Documents

Legal Profession Regulations and Conduct Rules


Fact Sheet: Your right to challenge Legal Costs (Legal Profession Regulation 82(1)

Legal Profession Regulation

Regulations 80(1) and 82(1) of the Legal Profession Regulations 2009 refer to the following forms in Schedule 1:
Form 2: Legal Costs – Your Right to Know
Form 3: Form of Notification of Client’s Rights

Legal Profession Regulations

The forms state that for more information about their rights, clients should read the following fact sheets:
Legal Costs – Your Right to Know (Regulation 80(1)); and
Your Right to Challenge Legal Costs (Regulations 82(1)).