The Risk Management Programme has now concluded for 2020/21. Thank you to all those who attended the Risk Management Webinars throughout 2020/2021.

We now encourage all practitioners to keep an eye out for additional Cyber Security Risk Management Webinars to be held in March and May, as well as the full Risk Management Programme for 2021/22 which will be released in July.

Cyber Security for Legal Practices – A Risk Management Approach

Cameron Hay – MYR Consulting
Vicki Coles – Manager Risk, Law Mutual (WA)

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 | 3.00pm – 5.00pm

At your desk, delivered live online

Cyber crime related claims are becoming a weekly occurrence across the legal profession in Australia. Legal practices are attractive targets for cyber criminals because they hold sensitive client information and act on high value transactions. While many practitioners believe that cyber crime is purely a technology risk, this is not just an IT issue. It is a matter for every practitioner to understand and take steps to prevent. Failure to implement appropriate processes and provide all staff with appropriate training, are critical factors in cyber claims impacting practitioners. This session will look at the various ways cyber criminals are targeting practitioners, discuss recent claims, outline the steps you can take to prevent cyber-attacks and provide an overview of the resources available to practitioners.

Attendance at the webinar provides 2 CPD points in Competency Area 1 – Practice Management and 2 hours of Law Mutual Risk Management Training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the seminars?

If you are a Law Mutual (WA) insured practitioner, you are entitled to attend free or subsidised risk management seminars to a total of two hours. If you attend any additional seminars in excess of the free or subsidised risk management two hours you will be required to pay the member, non-member rate, depending on the seminar you attend and your Law Society membership status.

Your firm may also be entitled to a Risk Management Discount on its Annual Contribution for insurance if sufficient numbers of its practitioners attend seminars.

Can I attend any seminar, regardless of my law firms category?

The seminars are targeted at priority risk management areas, firms and practitioners. Priority is given to the targeted practices, however, if the seminar is not fully booked by targeted practitioners, we may release places to other practitioners. Some seminars are only available to certain categories of practitioners. Please register your interest by email to

How do I register to attend a Risk Management seminar?

Please return your signed registration form to the Law Society. We need to confirm practitioners are registered for suitable seminars, as we are unable to facilitate this online. Registrations are manually entered.

I sent through my registration, do I get confirmation?

Yes, an automatic email confirmation will be sent to the email address we have on record once registration has been processed.

I am not insured with Law Mutual (WA)?

You will have to pay non-subsidised rates to attend Law Mutual (WA) seminars. However, at its sole discretion, Law Mutual (WA) may allow non-insured practitioners to attend at no charge or at a subsidised rate provided the seminar is not fully booked.

Law Mutual (WA) Insureds will be given priority enrolment in seminars.

Can a Law Society member who is not insured with Law Mutual attend Risk Management seminars?

You can still attend the Risk Management seminars but you will have to pay non-subsidised rates. Law Mutual (WA) Insureds will be given priority enrolment in seminars.

When do I need to complete my training to qualify for the Risk Management Discount?

To qualify for the Risk Management Discount for the 2021/22 insurance year all pracititioner directors and at least 80% of the employed practitioners of the law practice must have attended at least two hours of Law Mutual (WA) approved risk management training in the period 1 March 2020 to 28 February 2021.

How do I access my Risk Management and CPD Attendance Records?

To make it easy for you and take the worry out of maintaining your CPD and Risk Management training Records, you can print out or download a record of all your attendance from our website. This easy process means we will no longer be sending out individual certificates per seminar. Instead, you will be able to access your Risk Management and CPD Points record through the Law Society Membership Portal (

This record is considered your Proof of Attendance for Risk Management and CPD Compliance.

Follow the below instructions to access your Risk Management and CPD Points:

  • Login with your ID Number*
  • Once you have logged in, please click on CPD Points
  • This will offer you a Proof of Attendance document outlining all of your Risk Management and CPD Points gained through the Law Society. You may also record CPD Points gained through other providers.
  • You may print out your Proof of Attendance for your reference.

*If you do need to find your ID Number or password, please contact the CPD Team via